Omakase menu

Omakase (お任せ) is a Japanese phrase that means „I’ll leave it to you“

In Japan, the term is used to give the chef complete power over the culinary journey ahead which results in a diverse range of small, extravagant compositions based on seasonal produce, todays best catch from the sea and the specialities of the house.

The Omakase is the beating heart of Umami – a quintessential dining experience full of surprise, innovation and dedication. The theme is neither traditionally Japanese, nor European; it’s Umami – an unique fusion intended to seduce you with unparalleled taste.

The Omakase is served to the entire table.
It can be ordered until 30 minutes before the kitchen closes.
Monday-Thursday: before 21.30
Friday-Saturday: before 22.30

Please notice that the menu is subject to changes from day to day.

Omakase (6 dishes)


Wine menu


Salmon sashimi

Salmon smoked over sencha tea, Tapioca infused with cucumber, homemade tofu with yuzu and ikura.


White asparagus foam and Hijiki

Fried foie gras

With rice miso and green pepper paste, plum sauce, hijiki, white miso chip with sake and mirin.

US beef Bavette

Dashi onion puré, confit boretana onion in Kobe fat, beef jus

Sushi selection


White chocolate and matcha tea

Aerated white chocolate with matcha tea, tonka bean crumble and fragolina grape sorbet.